Spaces and exchanges: definition

Spaces and Exchanges: definition This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterized our modern-day world. Examples can be: … More Spaces and exchanges: definition

The Brooklyn Follies

Paul Auster, The Brooklyn Follies 60-year-old Nathan Glass moves into a brownstone flat in the gentrified borrough of Brooklyn after his wife has left him. He is recovering from lung cancer and is looking for “a quiet place to die”. I was looking for a quiet place to die. Someone recommended Brooklyn, and so the … More The Brooklyn Follies

The British, a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

 The British Take some Picts, Celts and Silures And let them settle, Then overrun them with Roman conquerors. Remove the Romans after approximately 400 years Add lots of Norman French to some Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings, then stir vigorously. Mix some hot Chileans, cool Jamaicans, Dominicans, Trinidadians and Bajans with some Ethiopians, Chinese, Vietnamese … More The British, a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah